Custom Crocheted Hats

Custom Crocheted Hats

Hi.  I'm Carolyn McAndie, owner and operator of Crocheted Headwear by Carolyn McAndie.  Thank you for stopping by my website!  Learn More About Me

Buy Local - Buy American 

My products are each hand-crocheted with love in America by Americans ... mostly me!

I am the principal "crocheter" of my custom-made, hand crocheted headwear.  These come to you with love from the  Jakeway Family Farm in Carlsborg, Washington, where I was reared.

  • Note:  Colors may vary slightly from picture due to current yarn dye lots, computer monitor projections and photo lighting.
  • Our crocheted crafts are handmade fan art, not official project.

Proven Benefits of Self-Adornment with Crocheted Headwear by Carolyn McAndie

  • Surveys show that wearers of our products are more fun and become even more fun to be with when they are wearing one of my products.
  • Reports that health foods taste better when consumed while wearing my crocheted headwear.
  • Some surveys suggest that fat-laden foods simply don't effect the wearers of our custom-made hats and beards.
  • Hunters that wear our custom made headwear have NEVER reported being attacked by bigfoot.
  • Our American made, hand-crocheted headwear has proven to be ten times more effective than aluminum hats in preventing mind-reading by the government or hostile aliens.
  • Reports from all over America are arriving daily from couples that wear Crocheted Headwear by Carolyn McAndie are regularly enjoying a level of intimacy that they had never known before.

Actual Testimonies of Real People

Last year at our annual 4th of July celebration, I was wearing my Gandalf headwear, and the fireworks that I was lighting were two to three times as high as my neighbors.  The brilliance of the display overshadowed the city's $250,000 fireworks display.  My friends were amazed!

I was walking along a trail in the woods while wearing my Gimli set, and gold and jewels of all sorts started pouring out of a cave right in front of my feet!

I was out at a local coffee house while wearing my adorable girl hat & beard and a super-handsome man (that has a real beard) that I have had my eyes on for months bought my coffee, sat down and visited with me ... and asked me for a date!